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The essential review walks you through the full program from assessment to exit. This course is a companion to anyone who has taken

Review the fundamentals for teaching reading

These are the six components of each reading leasson

  • Sounds

    You will learn how to teach the student her sounds using the letters on the magnetic board (or a digital board for remote learning). Knowing how to say the letter sounds correctly is crucial for teaching reading.

  • Syllables

    Using the letters on the magnetic board, you will learn how to teach your students how to make and read nonsense words that range from 1-6 syllables.

  • Words

    You will learn how to directly transfer phonetic words into daily spelling, reading, and writing.

  • Reading and Comprehension

    Half of each reading lesson is spent reading in the reading books. Each book raises the grade level and increases the reading difficulty. You will learn our proprietary read-aloud technique called "Pressure Release".

  • Writing

    You will learn how to teach writing to reluctant writers. During each lesson, your students will complete a 5-minute written response daily. This will include techniques for improving a student's understanding of the story and how to get them to summarize, predict, and infer what a story is about.

  • Reading at home

    You will learn how to teach our fluency techniques that we call “Repeated Readings” to families so they can support their child's reading progress. These activities help activate the word form area of the brain, and daily practice reinforces and maintains learning and brain stimulation.

Alumni Testimonials

  • "This training is phenomenal." -- Christie Ner

  • "This should be taught to every elementary teacher." -- Linda Farnell-Silva

  • "I'm a parent and wife of dyslexics. So what now after the diagnosis? #1: This class." -- Heather Doolittle

  • "This is an incredible tool to help all children from beginners to adults that need the help." -- Elizabeth Jones

  • "As fast as you can; as slow as you must!" What a great approach for our kids! It's not about us and the program's procedure; it's about them and their needs. This allows me to come to them, wherever they are, and then go beyond...quickly, and efficiently!" -- Janice Mcgowan

  • "You have improved with age, Steve, like a fine wine - love the hat! :) T I'm a 6-12 teacher so I've never understood how to actually teach beginner readers. Finding this very helpful, especially as I am now working with below-grade readers." -- Abena Baiden

  • "I know the program works as my son has improved tremendously through it within 3 months of summer!" -- Ina von Wunsch

  • "Thank you SO much for the opportunity to take this class. I learned SO much and will definitely be able to use this knowledge to benefit kids! Thanks again!' -- Debra Asiano

  • "Thank you for the wonderful course!" -- Carmen Whin-Yates

  • "I have almost 20 years of experience as a Title 1 Reading teacher, Literacy Specialist, and Instructional Coach. I also recently got my Masters's in Special Education. I have taken master's level courses on reading instruction from several prominent universities. I've taught kids using Four Blocks, Balanced Literacy, Reading Recovery, Stevenson, LLI, Wilson, and Phonics First, and used the district-purchased basal-type reading programs in the classroom. Most recently, I've supported students using self-paced digital reading programs. I constantly take classes, attend workshops and conferences, and read the research. Still, too many children I work with are not learning to read well. When I joined LearnUp in the spring, I finally felt I found something that would really make a difference for the students. Steve Tattum has taken the essential components from the most successful programs and research to create a fast-paced and effective program that gets kids reading from day one. This is a program that makes sense to me and aligns with the best research in the fields of reading instruction and intervention. I am taking the course again in July to make sure I understand it and to practice more. I plan to use LearnUp in my classroom, tutor privately with it, and recommend it to all my parent and teacher friends! Thank you so much for this opportunity!" -- Laura Bain

Watch Intro Video

The LearnUp Reading Program

Steve Tattum gives a quick overview of the reading program. He also describes what happens in the brain that keeps kids with learning differences from learning to read easily and how our program helps to stimulate the word form area.